Brittney Driskill

Project Manager / Tulsa

Witnessing the impact construction can have on a community is what inspired Brittney Driskill to pursue a career in industry.

“Growing up I went on many mission trips to Mexico, where we built small houses for those in need. Seeing how constructing a simple home made those families light up with joy is what fueled my desire to pursue a career in construction,” said Brittney, who has worked her way from Intern to Project Manager during her nearly 14 years at Flintco.

In her role, Brittney works almost entirely in the field—and she’s often one of only a handful of women on the jobsite. But she’s hopeful that trend is changing.

“When I was in college studying Construction Management at Oklahoma State University, of the 40 graduates, I was one of two women, but in the last five years or so I’m seeing a bigger push for diversity in the industry, in leadership especially,” she said. “One of the benefits of having women on the jobsite is that we have a different approach to problem solving and conflict – it’s good to have that cool, calm and collected approach to a situation.”

Brittney is a big advocate of finding a mentor early in your career, particularly for women.

“I always tell people to find someone who is where you want to be in 5-10 years and start a conversation or invite them to lunch,” she said.  “I have had several mentors throughout my construction career who have helped guide me through the early years in the industry. As I’ve become more seasoned to develop my leadership skills, both at work and away from work, I try to be a mentor to everyone that I work with.”

Throughout her career at Flintco, the project that most stands out to Brittney is the Little Light House, a nonprofit that works with special needs children.

“Seeing the positive impact that project has made is something I will carry with me for my entire life,” she said.