Jenn Brown

Estimator II / Houston

Gifted at math from a young age, Jenn Brown initially pursued an engineering career – earning two engineering degrees — before finding her passion in construction as an Estimator II.

“I was part of a math and sciences program at Texas Southern University from fourth to seventh grade,” she said. “Then we went to the University of New Mexico and I took my first engineering course, where I got college credit. That’s when I decided I wanted to be an engineer.” After earning her first degree in architecture/engineering from Tennessee State University, Jenn worked in engineering and design. “I designed for three years, then worked for a concrete company, then got a job as an Estimator at a construction company,” she said, before deciding to go back to school to earn her second degree in civil engineering.

Jenn learned she had a passion for problem-solving, and her love of math was a perfect fit for a career in construction as Estimator II. “I love estimating because you get to solve problems before you get to the field – before it’s a fire drill,” she said. “Women are more detail-oriented and we solve problems differently, so our diversity brings a different dynamic to the field of construction.” While it’s been challenging being a female in an often male-dominated industry – she said she was once told it was “too dangerous” for a woman to work in the field — Jenn said women have so much to offer. “We look at a broader spectrum of things. We ask different questions and bring a different mindset to the table when it comes to managing things in the field and office. We have to multi-task in general in life.”

Jenn appreciates that Flintco focuses on building projects with “excellence at what we’re doing as a whole. We focus on becoming great at what we are building and creating a portfolio that has diversity,” she said.