Morgan Arthur

Assistant Superintendent / Memphis

Morgan Arthur prefers working in the field on a jobsite, so she can experience the construction process from the ground up.

This Memphis native initially pursued a more traditional office career after earning a business degree, but when she was job searching, a position with a construction subcontractor intrigued her.

“I like the constant problem-solving aspect of my role. In the field, you have to ask questions every day – there are things I don’t know that I’m still learning. I was hired as an Assistant Project Manager/Assistant Superintendent, but I chose to stay in the field as Assistant Superintendent because I enjoy it more,” she said. “I prefer being in the field because I’m helping to manage the field team and experiencing it from the first stage to final stage.”

After working for that subcontractor for six years, Morgan wanted to further her career by working for a general contractor, and the Flintco team in Memphis felt like the right fit.

“Building the Memphis community has been a great part of my journey — seeing the area renewed with construction renovation projects,” Morgan said. “I love looking at buildings and telling myself, ‘I know how that got done.’ That’s my favorite part of construction.”

Morgan said that while she works mostly with men on the jobsites, she is encouraged to see more and more women working in the industry – both on and off the jobsite.

“I have had a lot of great mentors in my career, especially now that I am with Flintco. With my position, all of my mentors have been men, and it’s been inspiring to see that I am viewed as an equal in my field,” she said. “In my experience, if you come out and do your job well, let that speak for itself.”