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Steve Eikanger Promoted to President of Flintco

Steve Eikanger was promoted to President for Flintco and will lead the company to be on the forefront of the construction industry. Eikanger joined Flintco in 2018 as Vice President, Area Manager in Denver and was promoted to President, Southwest Region in 2020. During his time with Flintco, Eikanger has demonstrated the ability to penetrate a new market with a focused and deliberate plan of creating key partnerships with clients, design firms and trade partners, and the ability to build a strong team.

Eikanger’s vast experience across multiple industry disciplines – operations, preconstruction, VDC and Lean – made him the right choice to lead Flintco into the future. His focus on improving the industry by finding innovative ways to execute work in a smarter and more efficient way will be instrumental in the success of the company.

Beyond the successful organic growth in Denver, Steve is a key team member focused on the growth of Flintco through potential acquisitions. His understanding of the entire business has been critical during the review and due diligence process when analyzing potential target opportunities for geographical or market sector growth.

He will continue initiatives to strengthen Flintco with improvements to our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and the roll-out of the Commercial Operations Academy for the enterprise while maintaining his contributions to the Technology council and the FX360 (Operational Excellence) executive steering committee.

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